Collective Worship / Assemblies

Each day at 10:30am the whole school meet in the school hall for a collective worship or assembly.

Our collective worship on Mondays and Thursdays are understandably Christian in their character. On a Monday the head teacher, reads a story from the bible and relates the story to the schools Christian Values: Tolerance, Respect, Moral Courage and Compassion or to the schools motto 'Strength to do Right' imbued in the biblical story of 'The Good Samaritan'.

On a Thursday the Rev Geoff Bayliss or Gemma read from the bible and encourage the children to reflect on the teachings in their own lives. These worship assemblies follow a value theme each term. All worship assemblies have a quiet and calm ethos of reflection and thought. We light a school candle to show that Jesus is the light of the world for Christians and close with a prayer, often the school prayer.

In addition, we have a fortnightly visit from our 'Open the book' team. They come into school and act out (with the children in the class) bible stories for the rest of the school.  The children love the opportunities to join in and relish the opportunity to perform in front of the rest of the school.

Collective Worship and reflection at other times is carried out in classrooms with the class teacher, this happens on a daily basis and gives children time to reflect on their own spirituality, being and place in the world.

Assemblies happen on Tuesday, Wednesday and are either whole school singing assemblies (Wednesday) or a Key Stage assembly (Tuesday) delivered by a teacher. There is always time for self / group reflection during this time.

On a Friday the whole school come together for the school Celebration assembly, to give praise and thanks for all of the great things that have happened in school over the week. We hand out certificates for Class Ambassador, a child who has shown that they live through the values of the school and Class Achievement, for a child who has excelled, tried hard or overcome a large hurdle in their learning.

We also give out team awards and individual prizes from competitions children have attended at this point.

Celebration assembly ends with the school prayer.