'Creativity is inventing, experimenting, growing, taking risks, breaking rules making mistakes and having fun'
- Mary Lou Cook

We aim to fire imaginations and drive creative expression.

At CCSJ creativity means more than just the arts, although it’s still an important part of it. For us, it is a way of thinking and an approach to life that starts with having a great understanding of the world, cultures and practices, the knowledge that everyone is different, has a voice and can play their part.

Through our curriculum children learn to develop flexible critical thinking and express their own thoughts, feelings and ideas. We have several running threads within each theme in our wider curriculum including: Social Justice, Conflict resolution and Problem solving.

Because of this children have a greater knowledge about world issues, an better understanding of current affairs and understand that they have an voice to effect change in the world.

Whether that’s holding a protest march, designing posters to support a human rights cause, performing in a play or dance at a theatre, explaining a complicated scientific process, playing in one of the 4 CCSJ Rock bands, resolving a conflict or debating an issue – we seek to actively develop children’s ability to confidently express themselves in a variety of ways and in an environment where they are encouraged to be themselves.