At CCSJ the curriculum consists of: the National Curriculum core and foundation subjects, which are taught through a relevant, contextual and inspiring knowledge curriculum.

RE, PSHCE, and PE are taught as part of our enrichment programme for each year group including art classes with our resident artist and weekly street dance lessons with Janee our dance teacher.

While at CCSJ your child will also have the opportunity to collaborative on local projects like the Cowley Carnival and the Xmas lantern parade. They will have regular visits to places linked to their learning to ensure understanding is always first hand where possible.

The first topic that every child does in every year is based on learning more about the amazing city that they live in and in particular the university college that their class is named after and exploring a Oxfordshire landmark: The Story Museum, Oxford Castle, Blenheim Palace, Pitt Rivers Museum, The Oxford Botanic Gardens, Natural History Museum.

Our Curriculum is based around key our core concepts that run through all of our subjects, in every year group, in every topic.
Our key theme throughout is: Social Justice.  Throughout our curriculum your child will be encouraged to play an active role in Societal Problem solving and developing their own sense of individual positive action for change.

Within each topic / subject there are key themes that are explored. This is made clearer on our Curriculum documents that are on the website and come out to parents each term. These are, for instance: Royalty, Positive Immigration, Parliament, Empire and the Rule of Law etc.

We believe that children should be taught to be responsible citizens, effective contributors to society, we teach this by looking to the past, asking deep questions: Should museums give back their treasures? Were all of Winston Churchill's ideas as a leader good ones? Is the monarchy of today relevant? What are the downsides of Empire building? What value does the Amazon Rainforest hold for us in the UK? and so forth.  It's important that the children are taught both sides of any argument, to understand the historical context within which the questions are asked, to debate both side and finally come up with a conclusion - their own thoughts and opinions.

We have a heavy leaning towards social justice, fairness and equality for all based on ethnicity, gender and race. We look at the actions and visions of some the world most revered leaders: Churchill, Ghandi, Mandela; we look at the stories of inspirational individuals who stood up for causes inside of the personal difficulties that that brought: Malala, Rosa Parks, The Windrush Generation to name a few and understand what it was about the things they said, the thing they did and how they acted that changed the world.

We also look into England's past, the Empire that was build largely by the Victorians, and before them, through acts like the slavery of Africans, pillaging of treasures from other cultures and emigration to Australia and America.  We explore whether this legacy is appropriate in this day and age and what we could / should do to contribute effectively to society now.

Each term we provide a detailed outline of the topics and focus to be covered in each subject by each year group. You can access them in the year group sections on this site. In addition we will send home your child's learning plan for each topic which includes exactly what your child will be learning about each week along with a subject / topic knowledge organiser (KO) and some tasks for your child to complete at home with you on their KO each half term.  We will also be sending home a term plan of the skills that will be covered in all of the core subjects, also available on this site.

Our year group curriculum mapping is available here.

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