CCSJ is governed under the conditions set out in the Oxfordshire County Council Instrument of Governance. We have ensured that we have a broad range of skills and expertise on the Board of Governors in order to best achieve the schools aims and goals along with the statutory responsibility of running a school.

The governors are passionate about the school and visit the school termly within their subject responsibilities role. The Chair and the Head Teacher meet often, usually weekly.
The Governing Body provides oversight, critical evaluation and strategic direction for the Head Teacher and the senior leadership team of the school. It is also the body that makes senior staff appointments and to whom the Head Teacher reports. It is not, however, an executive body involved in the day-to-day running of the school.

The governors have a strategic role supporting and challenging the headteacher. Governors work as a team, in the best interests of the children and the school, to raise educational standards. More specifically, they:

  • Appoint the headteacher, who has day to day responsibility for everything that happens in a school and is accountable to them
  • Agree how the school’s money is allocated
  • Agree policies about the way the governing body and the school work
  • Ensure new initiatives and guidelines from the Department for Education and the education authority are put in place

The full governing body usually meets at least once a term in addition to meeting in smaller committees. Most of the governors’ work is done in committee meetings when financial, staffing, curriculum and premises issues are discussed in detail. These committees meet at least twice a term and more when there are pressing issues such as building works.

Governors fulfil their responsibilities by:

  • Holding the school’s leaders to account for the educational and financial performance of the school. Governors create robust accountability for the schools leadership team through rigorous analysis of performance data and financial information.
  • Setting the school’s vision and the strategy for achieving this vision. The school’s vision centres on pupil progress and achievement. Working with senior leaders, the governors agree key priorities and key performance indicators against which progress towards achieving the vision can be measured.
  • Ensure the school’s financial success and probity. The governing board must ensure that the budget that the school receives is managed effectively, and with regard to value for money.

Governors are appointed by the Trustees except for parent governors, who are elected by parents and carers, and staff governors, who are elected by all school staff.

The Governing Body are happy to be contacted by parents or carers to discuss relevant matters, particularly in regards to the strategic direction of the school. Please contact us via the school office or email, .

If you have a serious concern about the school or your child that you feel has not be resolved by discussion with the relevant staff member or subsequently by discussion with the Headteacher, it would be appropriate to contact the Chair of Governors. The Chair of Governors can be contacted via the school office, details about the reason for this request need not be disclosed to the school office.

CCSJ Instrument of Government can be found by clicking here.

Full Governing Body (FGB)

CCSJ Governing body

James Rogers (Local Authority Governor, Safeguarding Governor and Chair)
I joined the Board of Governors in March 2017 as the local authority governor. I am a member of the Resources Committee as well as link governor for Safeguarding. My wife and I have lived in East Oxford for over 25 years and we have two grown up children. My professional life was spent mostly as a lawyer. I retired from Oxford University Press in August 2019 in order to retrain as a school counsellor.

Rev. Geoff Bayliss (Foundation Governor)
Currently the Rector of Cowley Parish (St James and St Francis churches). Born in North London in 1960. Geoff Moved out of London having completed an Ecology Degree. He has worked in outdoor education (teaching and managing youth activity sites) then education (20 years as a science teacher and faculty manager in Norfolk and Essex schools). The last 5 of those years of was spent as both science teacher and Revd. “As a follower of Jesus I want people to find ‘life in all its fullness’. I believe our School has an
important role to play in helping that happen. I am always happy to talk and chat to people about school or anything else.” Until Nov 2015 Geoff was serving communities in Essex.

Steve Dew (Head Teacher)
I have lived in Oxford since 2007 starting my teaching career later in life after 10 years of living and working in London. I started teaching in a secondary school in inner city Nottingham and transitioned to primary on moving to Oxford. I completed my NQT year in a school not too far away from Church Cowley in Blackbird Leys and I’ve taught in and around this area ever since. I’m passionate about offering opportunities for all children beyond maths and literacy that help children get to grips with the ‘big issues’ in the world, developing a school that offers awe and excitement for all children. My wife is the Assistant Head for inclusion at the school. I have four children, two teenagers, a child in a local school and a toddler that keep me on my toes outside of school.

Katy Jurczyszyn (Parent Governor)
I am from Abingdon and moved to Cowley 14 years ago after meeting my husband. Both our son and daughter attend CCSJ. After completing my A-levels, I studied Accounting and Finance at Oxford Brookes University. I joined Oxfordshire County Council in 2001 where I completed my professional accounting qualification and now lead a team that sets the overall revenue budget for the council and manages the £800m capital programme. I am the Chair of the Budget Scrutiny Committee so help to ensure the school has a sustainable budget. I strongly believe that primary schools should give children a firm foundation for their future education, career and life. All children should be inspired to achieve. As a Governor I like to help the school deliver the very best for every child.

Tom Stocker (Co-opted Governor)
We’ve lived in Cowley since I came here to study at Oxford University, and I don’t think we’ll ever leave! We have one child at the school and one set to join next year. I have a background in management consulting and regulation, and currently work at Oxfordshire CCG to improve our health by commissioning and supporting healthcare services for the NHS. My focus will be as subject lead for the sciences, if you’re interested in helping out please email.

Nicola Shorter (Parent Governor)
I have lived in Oxfordshire for 30 years and went to Secondary school here. I have worked in the media and more recently, in the environmental sector.
I am interested in improving a child’s experience of school. I want the school to feel and be inclusive, and I want the school and Governing body to do the best for all its children and staff. I am particularly interested in helping children with special education needs reach their potential, improving wellbeing, improving the communication between school and parents and bringing more cultural experiences to the school.

Budget Scrutiny Committee

The Budget Scrutiny Committee meets to consider the school’s finances and budget plans. The committee reports its findings and recommendations to the Full Governing Body.
Governor Meetings and Governance

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