Guerrilla Gardeners

'A garden is a delight to the eye and solace for the soul'

Do you know someone who could do with some help to clear their garden and plant it up with some nice plants of would love a little window box or hanging basket (this is our favourite)?
We run a scheme with the gardeners in Y5 and Y6 to help local residents that struggle to manage their garden to bring a little of joy into their life.

Nominate a suitable garden / person, we'll take a look and if we can help out we will*.

To be a worthwhile cause we can only offer Guerrilla gardening to members of the community who cannot or struggle to garden themselves. Usually gardening takes 3-4 people 2 hours max, is a secret (bit like Rumplestiltskin coming to fix your garden) and can happen between 1-3pm when the nominated person is not in (we will need access though).

To nominate: send an email to: with Guerrilla gardening in the subject.

*We regret that we cannot take on every project offered.