Each child studies 2 modules of History in each phase (KS1, LKS2, UKS2).
There are 2 x 6 week modules of learning the major themes are 'Royalty, Heirachy, Monachy, Commonwealth, and the Rule of Law'

The History Curriculum develops children’s knowledge of historical periods, events and significant individuals. Children learn key facts and concepts alongside skills such as chronological understanding, how to analyse and evaluate historical evidence, how to empathise with people from different eras and how to compare and contrast life in different periods.

Several of the History modules cross over with our Geography Modules. For instance, In Y5 children learn about the African Slave trade as part of our Social Justice Module. Children learn about the history of the slave trade through the geography of Africa and the Caribbean. Children then revise and support this learning when learning about 'The Windrush' in Year 6.

Year 1 – Cowley - my local area, Oxford; Castles (Warwick Castle)
Year 2 – Knights / Anglo Saxons (community); Rosa Parks / Ruby Bridges
Year 3 – Richard the Lionhearted (the Crusades); Parliament (Rule of Law); Winston Churchill (Battle of Britain)
Year 4 – Queen Victoria (The Commonwealth and the Empire); Mahatma Ghandi (Movement against British rule in India)
Year 5 – Lady Jane Grey (Church influences); Malala Yousafzai and Nelson Mandela
Year 6 – Henry VIII (Tudor Legacy); Windrush; World War 1.

At the end of every year, during the last term for all classes, culminates in a project that looks at a different place in Oxford a mix of History and Geography we use the richness of the locality to support lots of the learning in school.

We ensure that the History curriculum in school documents and charts for the children some of the stories that may be personal to them, their families and their heritage(s) to date.

Progression within the curriculum is clear: it starts with what is familiar to children and extends world wide. Map work, from Google Earth, A to Z's, Ordinance survey Maps and world atlases from National Geographic are used in each module to support a sense of location and space.
Progression in fieldwork skills is built across modules, with all units offering rich opportunities for mapping, technical drawing and exploring our environment in a concrete physical way. Other modules offer scope for children to use digital resources, globes, atlases and Historical artefacts to explore each modules. Key technical and tier 2 vocabulary is mapped onto each unit, allowing children to build a rich bank of historical language.

Each unit is supported by a Knowledge Organiser which details the key facts, vocabulary and skills for each unit. This is sent home in advance of the unit, allowing children to make a head start on their learning and is also used for homework.
In addition, we also provide all parents / carers with a lesson-by-lesson document so that you can provide further support to your child.

Links are built with other subjects, Our writing curriculum 'Get it Write' is blended into the topics to enhance and develop children's learning, we also link to other subjects also, but not exclusively, art, music, PSHCE and science.