Music is a large element of the creative side of the school.

Music tuition starts in the Wilderness Nursery where specialist music teacher Mrs Gill joins groups once a week and teaching music through the 'String Babies' programme. Singing is a key part of the Nursery curriculum and is practiced daily.
Children in Reception class are taught the follow on content for String Babies, again by specialist music teacher Mrs Gill.
The children in the rest of the school have weekly singing lessons following the Churangga scheme of work.

In years 5 children start to learn to play the ukulele with a specialist teacher from the Oxfordshire Music Service and this is continued into Y6 where many children will have purchased their own ukulele to practice at home. In Yr5 and Yr 6 children will regularly perform individually or as part of an ensemble.

Each week, children participate in whole school singing assemblies where they develop a range of voice and performance skills. Singing from an established repertoire, children will explore a broad and diverse range of songs and compositions that complement their wider creative curriculum.

In addition, we offer extra curricular guitar lessons from a guitar specialist and there are opportunities across the school to take part in 'RockSteady' one of the schools 5 rock bands. Children are taught by Jacques to play lead guitar, drums, bass guitar, keyboards or sing - the rock groups practice a song that they perform to the whole schooling parents on Rock night!