Settling in

When you have applied for a place at our Wilderness Nursery we allocate your child a space in sessions where we have availability. We encourage you and your child to come for unto 3 sessions to settle in. Some children need all 3 sessions and some are happy with one.

The settling in sessions will be during your normal allocated session times and mean that your child will join in with a normal session, meeting their class teacher and the other children in the setting.

A settling in session usually last for about 1 hour.

Settling in sessions usually happen in the last week of the first term of the term where your child turns 3.  This means that your child can start their new class from the first day in the new term after they are 3.

For children who join in the middle of a term, because they move into the area or change nursery class mid term we will do our best to accommodate you mid term.