Sports Premium

The Sports Premium has been given to schools as an Olympic legacy fund to support the high quality provision of P.E and Sports competition in all schools.
Previously the school highlighted that our P.E sports facilities are not good enough (too little available space) for high quality P.E to take place and therefore have planned on building a Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) with some of the Legacy funds and a large contribution from our delegated budget of £150,000. This has increased the amount of time that we can use our facilities in the year and offer a purpose built space for high quality P.E to take place.

We have used a large proportion of the fund to support Professional Development in school and to introduce a recognised P.E skills curriculum each year.

In addition, we converted and old room into a dance studio in 2020 and each child has a weekly street dance lesson from our resident dance teacher Janae.

Steve Potts is our PE coach who teaches alongside the teachers on the Multi Use Games Surface.

All children from Nursery to Yr 6 have at least one sports session per week.

Every child in KS2 (Yr3-Yr6) learns to swim and has 12 weeks of swimming lesson per year.

Our school sports teams take part in regular competitions against other schools in the local partnership and across Oxfordshire.

We play sports as the 'Cowley Tigermoths' as it represents that the school site was once the end of the runway for those trainee pilots learning to fly Tigermoth planes built at what is now BMW Mini factory.

Here is our report into how we have spent the money so far this year.