Welcome to Church Cowley St James Church of England Primary School (CCSJ).
Thank you for taking the time to visit our website.

We are a vibrant and multi cultural school with a clear ethos and expectations for your child's learning and personal growth. We are community focused and work hard to ensure that your child has all the opportunities to thrive that we can muster.  This will mean weekly trips to our superb 'cow shed' library with our full time librarian, weekly dance lessons in our amazing studio, weekly lessons from our resident artist and outdoor PE lessons from our in house coach.

This coupled with our local curriculum - using the historically rich and culturally enlightening space around Oxford will enable your child to become knowledgable about the area that they live in, its geography, extensive history and natural beauty.  They will also be learning about worldly contemporary issues: world conflicts, slavery, empire and immigration so that they are fully informed, confident individuals who understand what social justice looks like and are responsible enough to think and talk appropriately about those big world issues.

For us, your child's education it is a way of thinking and an approach to life that starts with having a great understanding of the world, cultures and practices, the knowledge that everyone is different, has a voice and can play their part.

We hope that you will find us to be welcoming, nurturing and sensitive to the needs of your child, whether that means that we need to give them a bit of challenge and drive to accomplish difficult tasks or a helping hand of guided support the team at CCSJ are experienced and skilled to adapt to every child that comes through the door.

We work here because we love the kids, the community and the challenges that every day brings. It's not always the easiest option, we don't mind that.  We're driven to do our best, our moral duty to give your child the best that we can and all that they deserve.

We hope it gives you a good introduction to our school and answers any questions you might have.
We strongly encourage parents and carers to visit the school in person to get a real flavour of school life, please call to make an appointment and come and have a look around.  I look forward to seeing you soon.


Steve Dew

Head Teacher